Why I ride?

This a question I get a lot and I think other motorcyclists too! It is not that easy to answer! Most of the time I just say just because I like to. I could go into the thrill of it

2012 – A year of great beginnings


Another year passed…

It was only a year ago when I did quit my last job as a wind turbine technician and started to take things seriously with the Mattblack Speedshop. It took a little while to figure out

The way its gonna be…

I know I haven’t been writing on this blog in the last few month. I know it is a shame…so shame on me!

I have been working in the workshop some long hours and finished a few project which I

Mattblack story….the video

We have made a little video about the Mattblack Speedshop…

It is mainly about how it has all started, what do we currently do, and about our future plans!

Te video is in Hungarian for now but I will make

VW Beetle – 2012.05.16

It’s been a little more than a month since my last update on the VW restoration.

Well I have been restless so I have done quite a lot on the old machine, it is still a long way before I