Kawasaki Musclebike

Like so many stories, this also begins with a girl.

I had a girlfriend … which in itself is not that strange. I got to know her through a biker friend of mine, and it proved to be important later. The girl was a biker too, or at least wanted to be, since she got no motorcycle. Here appears my buddy, who wanted to sell his old Kawasaki. Of course, we managed to do the business smoothly, there was only one problem.

My friend rebuilt the bike quite properly (which was quite a good one), and customized for  himself. This was only a problem because, because he was nearly two meters high, the girl was only 165cm. So her feet didn’t even reach the ground from the bike, which is really a problem with such a heavy motorbike.

Well, so got the idea that if I’ve already rebuilt two bikes (mine and my friend, Marci’s Jawa), then I really could do this as well. Of course, I also liked the idea, because I love to work on bikes.

The motorbike was originally a Kawasaki Z-750  from the 80′s. The first time after it was rebuilt, didn’t really reminded anything like the original touring machine. It received an unique rear suspension with central spring (this was given by some other Kawa), a more rigid front suspension and alloy wheels, 16 ” to the front and 17” to the back in diameter. To this, came the individual profile in streetfighter style. The block was swapped out when the original was completely seized up while a wheelie trick. So got the Zephir 750 block, which was incidentally stronger than the original.

The machine was good otherwise. Strong enough, could get on one wheel easily, agile (thanks to the small front wheel) and I think it looked good, it was a characteristic kind if bike though. Of course, there was no other choice, because we had to lower the  motorbike somehow as it  was obvious at first, that it’ll only success through the cost of a serious transformation!

First of all, of course, the seat had to go! This was that component, which can not be allowed to stay. After the big, otherwise unique item was removed, began to be seen how the monster machine will be lower! Unfortunately, the frame had to be cut to reach the desired result, but this way we won 15 centimeters and it was enough for a small girl to have both feet on the ground properly.

To further lowering the bottom of the motorbike, we relaxed a little on the tension of the rear springs. Thus, not only lower, but the rear springs also became a bit softer, which doesn’t really harm on the Hungarian road conditions.

Of course, the new seating position has brought a lot of new problems: the position of the foot pegs was not good, the handlebar was further and the tank was bulky. Oh, and had to find a new place for the accumulator. I started with what was already certain: I made the baseboard of the seat from plywood and I formed the cushion. Then it seemed better, that how can I convert the other parts to be ergonomic. We pushed forward the foot pegs as far as possible, so it was not only comfortable but also looked cool. Along with this, custom forward controls for the gear shift and rear brakes are had to be made. The forward control for the shifter was relatively easy to make, however, the brake cylinder had to be put forward close to the footpeg.

Then could come the new tank. This was based on a ’69 Jawa’s tank. We split it in two and  welded in 12 centimeters to be wide enough to sit on the three tubes of Kawasaki spine. However, we got such a nice shaped and much more graceful tank.

Now the handlebar’s time has come. This is practically a straight tube, which was only folded back in the middle to be easily accessible. Simplicity always delights me!

There were 2 things left: the box for the accumulator and the new rear fender. After a long cogitation the rear fender was made of some sport bike’s front fender. The plastic component was split in two in the middle alongside and with the help of a some fiberglass and resin, I widened it with 5cm to accommodate the terrible rear wheel. Two more brackets was needed, which holds in its place, but I solved this with a small flat-iron and round steel bar quickly. The number plate was actually a continuation of the rear fender.

I wanted the accumulator to tighten up to the rear projection of the frame (which is now a luggage rack), but instead of a simple bracket, I rather built a small wooden box, which besides looked good, also provided a perfectly sheltered place for the accumulator.

The finished motorcycle’s powerful and brutal form reminds me of a jumping wild animal. Like a weight lifter, whose muscles are stretched. It’s like a muscle car: rough and simple! Due to the alterations it became a bit milder, since the center of gravity was now much closer to the ground. However, the Kawasaki engine was still strong. The 4-in-1 exhaust system with the virtually empty sport drum only added power to this. The engine roared, could already be heard from miles away. If you pulled a little on the throttle it accelerated immediately!  I personally don’t like the 4 inline engines, because they are too strong and heavy, but I still like the shape of this one very much.