Zoltán Juhász – Chief engineer, fabricator, welder…

 I was born in 1984, in the capitol of Hungary: Budapest. I am still living in the city. Luckily I have always lived in the suburbs. This has two advantages: the suburbs are nice and quite and I always had a little workshop in the basement.

I was interested in technical things since my early childhood. The first thing I recall from when I was only 5 that I wanted to became an inventor or something like this. I have always been drawing machines and stuff, and took everything apart just to see how it is working (my parents loved this…).

 In the primary school I started to build airplane models…the real flying ones. I even won some medals with them. I also did learn a lot of thing through these little aircrafts. The older modeler guys thought me the basic of mechanics, craftsmanship and a lot of patient. This was the time when I figured out I am going to be an engineer.

 In the secondary school I was learning electronics and informatics. I also started to play the guitar and this was the time when I built my first guitar!

After I graduated from high school I went to the Technical University of Budapest to study engineering. I started off as a mechanical engineer and I loved it!

I have been working on a number of things trough my university years. I got my license for riding motorcycles so I built my first bike…and the second…and third…

So between the long hours spent in the workshop I got a little bit behind in school, but I have acquired such knowledge that not many of my classmates had or ever will. I have to admit  it took almost 2 years longer to finish the university but it was well worth it!

 After I got my Bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering in 2007 I had trouble finding a decent job. I had to found out that practically trained engineers are not that sought after then I thought. So I had a few jobs as a technician, installing security cameras, repairing car electronics and everything you can imagine.

Fortunately in 2009 I got a decent offer from Siemens (at least I thought so). I had a chance to build wind turbines, for a good salary. Well it sounded better than it worked out but I do not regret taking the position. I had the opportunity to see the world a bit, meet people from other countries. I perfected my English language knowledge and some other skills. I got to explore my own boundaries when we had to work 12 hour days in a 3 month row. And again when I was working in the Canadian winter when the temperature never got over -20°C for a month. Sometime it was the best job on earth and sometimes I just wanted to set all the turbines on fire.

 After more than 2 years I had enough so I finally quit. I felt it was time to start my own business and try what I am capable of. It is 2012 now and I just became a full time engineer, fabricator and whatever I need to be at the Mattblack Speedshop… own shop!