VW – Don not judge by the look

I fell in love the VW Beetle a few years ago. Originally I just wanted to have a nice classic car, because the new ones doesn’t have the style neither the character of an old all mechanical vehicle! Finally I got my first beetle  ’71 blue car. I have driven it for a few month when I decided I have to  restore it a little bit! I lifted of the body to realize it was so rotten it cant be repaired at all. The lower 30cm of the body was completely gone!

I have acquired a donor car that was in a much better shape. I got that apart and started to work on the parts (cleaning, sorting repairing). But at that time I didn’t’ had the money nor the time to have some serious work done.

A few month later I got a job at Siemens as a windturbine technician. This meant I will get a good salary, but it also meant I will travel a lot a mostly spend my time far away from home! At least it gave me the money fulfill my dreams! So after my first year I decided I will get a beetle, a working one. So I bought my third car a ’65 black beetle! It was in much better condition body wise, and it was in a running condition! i have to admit it had some problems with the brakes, suspension and engine, but I still managed to drive it for a while!

While I was abroad I ordered a whole shitload of parts for the car. I got everything for the suspension, brakes, engine… I got the parts from the USA from CB Performance. I have to admit everything is top of the class quality!

So when I quit the job this winter after 2 and a half years I had everything waiting for me!

Now I have the time and all the parts I need to finish the car!

I still have a lot of work on it but I determined to get it running for the summer!

I will update the page as the work progressing but for a little appetizer lets see what am I gonna build in the car!

I have a complete ne suspension: lowered front hubs, KYB shocks, sway bar (front and rear), urethane bushings…disc brakes on all for wheels (with the 5×205 wheel pattern).

Engine wise it is gonna be a small but powerful and reliable power unit:

1779ccm – 78mm stroke with a 85,5bore

Counterweighted crankshaft, ChromeMoly Racing Rods

Mild performance camshaft with straight cut camgears, lightweight tappets and chromemoly lifter rods

Original VW head modified for 40 intake and 35,5 exhaust valves, dual springs and flycut for high compression

Drysump oil system with external oil reservoir and filter

1 1/2 exhaust header truly merged with a fat boy muffler and an optinal stringer

Weber Dual DCN carb for improved performance and a good mileage

Kennedy Clutch stage 2

Reinforced differential with 4 spider gears

Reinforced gearbox mechanism with the original parts!


You can see I didn’t went mental with the engine because I want to drive it regularly on the street, and not just on racetracks! The performance should be in the 100hp range and because the parts can withhold much more it will be reliable as well! Will see how will it perform when I finished with it!