Ace of Spades – Kitchen counter

It was the spring of 2008 when I finally started to renovate my kitchen. It needed a complete overhauling very badly because nobody ever done anything on it since it was built 30 years ago. My friends and I took apart everything and got rid of the old furniture and rotten vinyl flooring. We figured that it would be a very good idea to make an opening on the wall from the kitchen to the hall. Because it wouldn’t only make the hall a little more filled with natural light but it would enlarge the kitchen as well.

So we started drawing out the window on the bare wall. We argued for a while on the size, height meanwhile it got dark outside and it was time to get some beers after a job well done. After we opened the second bottle one of my dear friend Dani is arrived.

He took a quick glance at the drawing at the wall and while he opened his beer and started to go in to my room and spit back:

- This will be the opening on the wall? – he asked

- Yeah, what do you think: will it be large enough? – I answered

- Well, yes…..but why don’t you make it shaped as the Ace of Spades? – and sipped a big from his beer

- You motherF**ker – I replied – do you know you just made me 2 more weeks of work?

By that time I knew I have to do it like that. What else can I do now? I would have never forget to myself if I haven’t done it!

So we drew up the new shape for the wall opening and when we were satisfied with the shape and size…we got drunk! :)

The next morning I got up with a slight headache and the problem of cutting out an Ace Of Spades shape from the wall without bringing down the whole stuff. Well it took a full day to carve out it from the brick wall. I was a little concerned about that if we take out the bricks to top will collapse down. But as we found out the Ace of Spades shape is quite strong statically…lucky me!

After I cut out the window I had to figure out how to make a nice and strong frame for it, one that will hold a fairly large bar table as well. As I work mostly with with metal  thought I would make it from a 2mm thick metal plate. I measured the the exact shape of the opening and transferred it to the plate. Then I fired up the Acetylene torch and cut it out roughly. After a little sanding and welding I had the Spade shaped frame. I made it to 3 pieces so I only had to weld a little bit when it was in place but I could put it in without any problem.

It took maybe half an hour to install it. I fixed it into place with a little polyurethane foam. As the foam expanded into the space between the frame and the wall it made the whole thing stable as mountain. Now it can only come from there if the entire wall collapse!

I made the counter from plywood and fixed it to the metal frame with 8 high strength bolts. It is stronger than needed but better safe than sorry!

For the colouring I choose the standard Matt Black paint…my favourite!

It looks great and serves well the new kitchen. I don’t think I ever seen anything like it!