Folding bicycle storage

We have got an inquiry to build a storage unit for bicycles.

As usually we were more than happy to make it happen as the idea was pretty interesting and unique. The whole thing had to be folded up to the ceiling to save space in the garage they were stored before.


We measured the available space and came up with a simple design. As it was meant to used by children as well it had to be easily operated and safe. As the four bicycle added up almost a 100kg in weight we knew from the first moment it has to be motorized, because there is no way a 6 year old can lower that thing from the ceiling with just ropes and pulleys ( as that was the original idea of the owner).


The frame is really simple, it is constructed from two rectangular steel beams and four U rails. The U rails meant to hold the bicycle’s wheel in place. We also added some elastic bands to hold the bikes down, this wouldn’t be necessary but we thought a little added safety around kids can never hurt, better safe than sorry!

For the mount we made a console which is now fitted to the wall, but it can be made to be secured to the ceiling in other cases.


The unit is motorized with a lifting winch what is capable to lift 250kg so it has more then enough power for this job. We have fixed the winch to the ceiling with 4 high strength bolts.

We have kept the original controls for the electric winch but it could have been connected to a wall mounted switch as well. The electric winch has the advantage that it can now be operated by a young kid in a safe manner!


The on site installation only took us a few hours. The unit is working great, it is now only a few minutes to put the bikes away. It is simple and safe, what else can you ask for?