Helmet hanger

Helmet Hanger – Motorcycle piston style

If you ride a bike I am sure you have the same annoying problem of putting away your helmet when you arrived home. Because of the size and shape of it, it’s doesn’t really fit anywhere in the flat. I used to hang it on the coat hanger but two helmet fills up the whole thing and than I have the problem of where to put my jacket! It only gets worse when some of my friends come over!
So one afternoon I decide what’s enough it’s enough: I have to make something for the helmets! I had an old Kawasaki Z 650 engine out in the shed. It was one of my friend’s! The pistons got overheated and some of ring got broken due to some extensive wheelie-ing. So it wasn’t good for nothing!
I have salvaged the pistons, got some flat band steel and plank and started working.
I think the result is very nice! Who on earth wouldn’t want some engine parts in his living room? Now even my girlfriend can’t say a word because it is a helmet hanger!