Roses of Steel

Who would even think of forging roses from steel? Forgers how made decorations for buildings, such as gates, handrails, and fancy grates, have been making flowers for centuries. Anyway, I learned this technique from a forger I was working with for a little while.
Actually it is not too complicated or dauntingly hard task, but I really liked these timeless and beautiful flowers. So from time to time, for my and my friends’ joy, I started to make some.

The process itself, that I don’t have to build an useful object or machinery from steel, but a work of art, is quite entertaining. It feels good to do something nice, that doesn’t have any other function. No need to pay attention to the usability or anything, it only has to look good. I can take a rest and enjoy the work with iron, which I love so much!

Because how wonderful material steel is, cold and hard, though, but if a man is able to handle it right, he can produce such beautiful things as roses!

It needs some precautions: don’t ever give it to a woman who is angry with you! You don’t want these thrown into your face…