Wood Grill

I got a call a few weeks earlier from a former colleague of mine if I can build him a Grill oven! Not just some crappy one that he can buy in any shop but a proper Grill that he can cook on for at least 8 people! One other request was that he didn’t wanted to use charcoal but hardwood for the heating!
So I agreed that I will build him something that will satisfy all his needs in the shortest possible time!
First thing I did I looked up the internet for existing designs. Maybe I could use some of their ideas!
So I found this company how built this so called “firebox” which is intended to burn the big pieces of hardwood to usable pieces of cinder!

I thought that will be something that I want to incorporate in my design as well as it looked really good!
For the size of the grate we agreed that it should be big enough to put on 8 pieces of a nice big steak. So the final dimensions turned out to be 68cm by 30cm.
In the early stage of the design I have decided to line the inside with heat keeping Samott bricks. This way once you fired up the thing properly you don’t need to worry about it if it will cool down as the fire burns out.
For the grate we used stainless steel angle-iron. This way the grate also works as an egress for the oil and other fluids coming out from the meat! I have placed a cup to catch up the fluid, so you can use it for making sauce or like so.

To adjust the height of the grate I built a crank mechanism with a cable lifting the whole grate up so you can easily and continuously adjust the cooking temperature. I have made the crank from a few old tools and engine component that I found around the workshop. This adds a little hotrod feeling to the whole grill.
There is one other thing what I am particularly proud of: the electric forced air induction.
Don’t you just hate when you have to use a hair-dryer or a piece of plywood to get some air to the fire? Well I do, so early on the design I decided I will build in an electric fan with speed control unit. This way you can just set how much air does the fire need and the rest is taken care by the fan! It really makes the whole grilling a pieces of cake. You can lay back drink your beer while the meat roasts!