Zed’s Custom Sologuitar

The next step on the rugged road of custom guitars …

After my friend, Marci’s bass guitar was finished (and was also quite good), immediately got the idea that, I should make one for myself too. Of course, I didn’t have to rush so much, since I had a guitar that I could use, so this time, much more time and energy was devoted to planning.

I downloaded from the Internet all available information, drawings and sizes, and more or less I figured out what style of guitar I want.

I gave the design to a friend, Dani, maybe he invents a cool and unique body shape. Well, he created a couple of vicious pattern (a bomb thrower imperial eagle …) but between the bullshit, I discovered a couple of promising sketches as well. I refined the ideas and have already had my individual guitar body.

I went to college around this time, so I had more time to deal with idiocies like this, than in high school.

The wood has now got from a normal lumber yard: I bought maple and mahogany, because I wanted to imitate the sandwich structure and the characteristic sound of a Gibson guitar.

I began the work with producing the body. The body itself, was made of wood in three layers: a thick layer of mahogany straddled two hard maple front and back covers. Thus, not only the typical deep, smooth sound of mahogany dominated, because of the hardness of the maple, it featured the high range of sound too! Beside the sound, the colour of two different tree species also looked very well, so I knew from the start, that the guitar will be varnished.

The body was almost ready, when I began the preparation of the neck. Learning from Marci’s guitar, I started to do quite differently. I put three steel rods in the neck as a reinforcement, although this made it a bit heavy, but terribly strong. At the first stringing, barely had to pull the neck to be straight and never had to be adjusted again! I made the fingerboard from maple as well as the neck itself. Unfortunately the first fretting did not went very well, but fortunately this time I got a little help.

Because around this time, we got to know “Lápiember” Tamás, who besides being an instrument maker in a Fender shop, was helpful contrary to his mates, and told and showed me everything! So I took out the frets and the second time it went much better!

The guitar got together slowly and the time has come to the first stringing. Unfortunately, only got some shitty pickup into it, which was easy to acquire, but already sounded good!

The whole guitar was a great success, not only because I managed to make a pretty unique guitar, but it’s sound was quite good too. I am very satisfied with it to this day.