Miért motorozok?

Gyakran kapom meg ezt a kérdést és biztos vagyok benne hogy nagyon sok motoros társam szintén. Megválaszolni nem is olyan könnyű. Én legtöbbször azt válaszolom erre: “Csak mert szeretek és kész!”. Persze belemehetnék a motorozás izgalmába, a sebesség élvezetébe sőt

2012 – A nagy kezdetek éve


Eltelt egy újabb év…

Pont egy éve, hogy kiléptem az előző munkahelyemről ahol szél turbinákat építettem és nekiláttam komolyan a műhely beindításának. Eltartott egy darabig míg kitaláltuk merre is kellene indulni. Nagy reményekkel és talán még nagyobb elvárásokkal kezdtem

The way its gonna be…

I know I haven’t been writing on this blog in the last few month. I know it is a shame…so shame on me!

I have been working in the workshop some long hours and finished a few project which I

Mattblack story….the video

We have made a little video about the Mattblack Speedshop…

It is mainly about how it has all started, what do we currently do, and about our future plans!

Te video is in Hungarian for now but I will make

VW Beetle – 2012.05.16

It’s been a little more than a month since my last update on the VW restoration.

Well I have been restless so I have done quite a lot on the old machine, it is still a long way before I

Simson e-Suhl – 2012.05.16

Take a look at the retro electric bike we are building…

Well we got most of the parts needed to assemble the bike: brakes, wheels, hubs, pedals, tires… Every part looks really professional and I think more than adequate for

VW Beetle – 2012.04.02

Lets see what have I done in the last month…

Well first of all I finished up the front suspensions adjusters. I welded them in and covered up the holes with some metal! For this I used a flat strip

Simson e-Suhl_2012.03.14

Whats wrong with us? – you might ask….

So many crazy project…when will we finish something finally? Well I hope this will be the one.

Working on the high performance electric motorcycle we found out it is a slightly bigger

VW Beetle – 2012.01.24

Since I quit my job at Siemens and started the take the Mattblack Speedshop seriously, finally I have the time to put together my 1965 Vw Beetle. So I decide that I am going to document it besides our EV

Back in business…

Finally it looks like we got the homepage up and running! There are still a few missing articles but I have to admit it is my fault this time! I will upload everything the make them all properly working!