Finally it looks like we got the homepage up and running! There are still a few missing articles but I have to admit it is my fault this time! I will upload everything the make them all properly working!

In the meantime we are working hard to make our debut on the Budapest Custom Bike show the EMAT ! We don’t have much time but we are going to make it work! Unfortunately we can’t finish with the Real Deal, the high performance electric motorcycle, but instead we are building a a small electric powered moped based on a 1957 Simson Suhl. I know it is not a big deal but are going to style the machine so that it will be very hard to tell it is running on batteries instead of petrol!

From now on we are going to update the Blog so you can follow us and the birth of our bikes and cars! The goal is to set up our business and make it work, so we don’t have to go back and build windturbines at the end of the world! Please help us on our path and try to support us at least with reading our articles and passing it on to other people!

I will try to update every step of the work done in the workshop, with pictures and videos! If you have any subject that is interest you just send us an email and I will write some more on it!

So I say goodbye with the words of AC/DC:



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