Take a look at the retro electric bike we are building…

Well we got most of the parts needed to assemble the bike: brakes, wheels, hubs, pedals, tires… Every part looks really professional and I think more than adequate for the job.

It will have disc brakes front and rear, a six speed transmission in the back (so if you want to pedal it will make it easier), lightweight wheels, cranks, handlebar.


Daniel is doing really good with the design of the electronics, most of the systems have been tested and they are working fine. We will send the printed boards to be manufactured on this week so next week we can start the final assembly of the electronics.

I have also finished the design of the mechanical parts: crankshaft housing, front swing arm, rear swing arm shaft…

So as it looks now we can start putting the bike together on the next week.


We had some trouble figuring out the proper length of the spokes in the rear wheel but it seems like we got it finally, so when we get the spokes we can put the rear wheel in as well!


I have to say it was a little tricky to figure out how can we put this bike together, because it is neither a bicycle nor a motorbike, and a little bit both! But we managed to solve every problem so it looks like we can finish the bike in a few weeks and start testing it!!


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