Whats wrong with us? – you might ask….

So many crazy project…when will we finish something finally? Well I hope this will be the one.

Working on the high performance electric motorcycle we found out it is a slightly bigger project than we thought so! So much to learn about the whole thing…

We figured it might beĀ  good idea to do a little side project and try and make a much simpler prototype just to try our battery management and everything else. And just to see what is this electric thing is capable of!

We got ourselves a hub motor for an electric bicycle it is about (1.5 kW in power so not the small at all), and while we were trying to figure out what to do with it at all we came across this old ’57 Simson Suhl.

I got the bike from a former boss of mine. To tell the story short he bought a new house and with it came the bike. He didn’t needed it so as he knew I were into bike and stuff he gave it to me! I had everything in place except the engine. I thought I might restore it some time so I got it and put it away for good!

Well as we were looking at the bike said: “Why not do this experiment in style?”.

So we brought the bike into the workshop and started to strip it down. It went quickly as it is a real simple bike. After we got everything apart, categorized all the parts we took them for sandblasting.

While we were waiting fro the sandblaster we ordered everything for it: wheels, tires, pedals, brakes. It was easy because it had the parameters of a mountain bike. We are going to make it like bike so you can still pedal it and so on.

A few days ago we got everything back from the sandblaster! I have to tell you all the parts are in a real good shape. Only some little dents here and there but that’s all. I have started to work on the frame right away. We have to modify a few parts to accommodate the electric drive system but other than that we want it as original as it can be. The goal would be to make it so you can hardly tell that what have been done on the bike by us!

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