I know I haven’t been writing on this blog in the last few month. I know it is a shame…so shame on me!

I have been working in the workshop some long hours and finished a few project which I will write about in the next upcoming weeks I promise!

But along the way I realized that I should write more often and not just about our projects and stuff but it would be nice to write some posts about my inspiration as well! I am not sure if that will interest anyone at all, but the purpose of writing a diary is not always to interest others but to save some thoughts of your for later. So a few day, month or maybe years later you will be able to go over things again.

So now on from time to time I will post out some stuff I find on the internet if I will find them interesting, inspiration or in some way connected to what we are trying to do her in the Mattblack Speedshop!

For starters I would like to post this video about and old guy working on motorocycles somewhere…

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