It’s been a little more than a month since my last update on the VW restoration.

Well I have been restless so I have done quite a lot on the old machine, it is still a long way before I can finally drive my car but the day is definitely came closer!


I got my cylinder heads back from the machine shop, with the installed valves and everything. It still needs some work to be done, mostly reshaping the combustion chamber but other than that it looks really nice! I bet they will produce a lot more horsepower than they meant to do!

I have changed the ball joints in the front suspension arms so the front is only waiting for the paintjob and then it will be ready to be installed.


I spent most of my time working on the chassis. It is now almost finished. I have managed to install the new pedal assembly. I had to modify the front of it a little bit, which will require to modify the body a bit as well but is fits and looks nice. With the double circle brake system and the hydraulic clutch it will be a pleasure to drive the car around! I even managed to space the pedals more apart than the factory setup so it will be easier to access the pedals.

I have also finished the welding of the chassis and fitted the new rails forĀ  fitting the custom floor panels. And of course I got the whole thing sandblasted so it is rust free for sure now.

I just looks amazing. In the next few days I am going to paint it finally and then we can start to reassemble the running chassis.


When I am finished with the painting we will really pick up the pace and start to assemble things. That when it is going to be interesting so watch out for updates!

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