Our workshop is located in the suburban of Budapest, Hungary! It is basically my late grandfathers old workshop. He was a lot like me ( as my father recalls him), he was always tinkering with something in the garage, he rode motorcycles and even built a custom trike in the ’60s. So I not only inherited his workshop, some of his tools but his love of machines too. If he can see us from somewhere he should be very pleased that his grandson is building motorcycles in his garage!


But lets say something about the workshop itself. In my life so far I tried to gather as much tools as I can, I begged, borrowed and stole what I could! I even made some of it. But you can never have enough tools!


Well I did my best so at the moment I have a sufficient supply of hand tools (spanners, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers…etc.), some electric tools, a gas-, a tig and a mig welder, a plasma cutter and so on! We have space to fit a few motorcycles or even a car.


I hope we will create some amazing things in there…maybe even something for you!