Exhaust Modification – Suzuki DR Big

I have been riding my Big for 2 years now. In that time she did everything and proved herself a very reliable and fun to ride motorcycle! I can only recommend the type to anyone who likes the big old thumpers.

Anyway the time came to make some repairs on the exhaust system so as I had to take it apart I decided I will make some changes along way the repair work.

The bike being more than 20 years old had some rust on it. The silencers front end where it connects to the downpipe have been badly rusted and the exhaust fumes were escaping there.

I cut the whole area off and made a new one from steel sheet.

Beside the repair I wanted to make the muffler just a little bit louder and a little less restrictive for the flow. So I cut off the end part of the silencer, keeping the essential middle part for noise reduction. The end part had several small area tubes and small volume chambers in it for killing all the lows in the exhaust sound. The balance this I attached a perforated tube to the middle section and fabricated a nice large volume oval shaped cowling over it. This gave me the opportunity to pack the muffler with some glass for killing all the high pitch noise. The end piece looks really nice and does it job.

When my girlfriend first rode the bike with me after the mod she noticed how nice and soft the sound of it is! Indeed it became a real nice sounding bike. If I open up the throttle it has the unmistakable sound of a big single cylinder bike but without the unpleasant high pitch to it! I have ridden on the bike a few thousand kilometers since then and I am very happy with the result. I hasn’t became too loud for long rides but I can now enjoy that nice mallow thumping!